Saturday, 27 September 2008

The first day

I know its the first day, but so far I haven't done bad, ok, so the diet isn't great but with little money we have to eat what we have in the house, Monday I can go shopping.

But I have put some oomph into everything, I usually hang out a bit of washing and have to sit down on one of the garden chairs, this time I just hung the whole lot out, I know that sounds daft but for me its hard, I did it though, was throughly out of breath by the time I finished, but isn't that the idea with exercise to be a bit out of breath.

I have stopped drinking so much tea and drank a lot more water, I am not going to stop everything because thats where I went wrong before, I am still having my cheesy panini on Fridays at ice skating because I love them, but I will eat a breakfast and have a salad for dinner in the evenings on Fridays, its going to be a once a week treat. I am not calling it a diet, its more a change in lifestyle. I am going to have a lot more salads and healthier eating so a panini once a week is not going to hurt.

I am going to get my hair cut when I get paid, that always makes me feel better, and I have dug out my favourite blouse that I wore years ago, its obscene now, I can just about get it on let alone do it up, but thats my goal, when I sort the pictures out I will take a picture of it.

Talking of pictures, I am getting Steven to take one of me now, it won't be pretty believe me, but I feel that you need to know how I am changing so you need a before so that the after will look even better.

This blog is about a change in lifestyle as well, not just dieting, so we are going to sort the house out, going to decorate, and me and Steven are both going to be sorting out jobs as well as money. I have just learned about ESA for people like Steven, so that he can get some money while getting help looking for work but once in work he gets support, that sounds great, just what he needs. I am looking at getting a part time job so that I can continue to home educate. I also have decided that I need something for me, I love card making so I am going to look at an adult education class or a class at a craft centre to help me with that, now the kids are a bit older I can take myself off somewhere and have a couple of hours of just me. If I get really good at card making I can turn that into an income.

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Claire said...

Admire everything you're doing, Tracy. Well done you.
Went to look at Photo - didn't realise that you can transform into a cat!