Monday, 29 September 2008

Today started off horrible, I got up far to late, the kids had been up quite early but didn't think to wake me or get me a nice cuppa, I woke up to a complete mess and a very bad mood, felt ill and just generally depressed and fed up with everything.

So I bucked up after a few cups of tea, made some phone calls about money to the bank and child benefit/council tax etc, theres nothing else I can do at the moment but they were all very nice and as helpful as they could be.

In the quest to save money, we went to Tescos and only bought value stuff and cat food, I swear that cat gets better fed than I do, but she won't touch the cheap stuff. Luckily her food was on special offer. I made a meatloaf that one of the girls on fluff sent me, it looks delicious and I tweaked it a bit, we are just waiting for it to cook now. I shall have a tiny piece with loads of veggies and brown rice.

Me and the kids have had a good chat about how to save money, turning lights off etc, stop expecting treats every time we go out, last week we managed to only put £10 of petrol in the car and we walked the rest.

I feel better now, a bit run down, but better, I am still worried about money but I can't do anymore than I have done, I have tried to get in touch with the ESA but guess what I can't get through, I will try and do it tomorrow.

So meatloaf and boiled potatoes and veggies for the kids, I am having a small piece of meatloaf, brown rice and salad.

I might go for a walk tonight just local to clear my head a bit, its spinning, I have so much to do.

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