Sunday, 16 November 2008

I am getting there.

I haven't updated for quite a while lately, I have been so busy. So here goes.
I have changed quite a lot of diet habits, I no longer have spreads, I use real butter, yes I know its more fattening but its not full of the junk either, I just am careful with it. I am not eating hardly any processed food but have been making our own dinners and freezing them, loads of casseroles and spag bols and soups, I found these lovely bags called soup and store from Lakeland.
Its not all about dieting though, I haven;t lost loads but I feel much healthier, I have had a bad time with asthma but thats sorted out now, I have to be on a steroid inhaler all the time now but its helping so I will stick with it.
Anyway, its not all about dieting as I said, the house needs sorting too, the kitchen has been blitzed, and I mean blitzed, it can take me 10 mins to do a normal clear up, but its been scrubbed from top to bottom, fridges defrosted, floor scrubbed by hands and knees, I don't think there is one part of my kitchen that has not been scrubbed. It looks so clean and tidy and organised, thats how I aim to do the rest of the house, we badly need to de clutter, its going to take a long long time but I aim to do one room a week and we will get there.

I should finish the kitchen tonight, then I can start on the dining room, which will be nice as a dining room instead of a dumping ground.

I will update more later on, I'm off to finish a bit more floor, its back breaking but looks nice.

Tracy x