Saturday, 3 January 2009

Its getting good

Well, I have had an eventful day, well not exactly eventful but I got a lot done, I feel quite energetic today, I even went for a little walk to get some exercise.
I am going to be buying a new fridge soon, I am going for a larder fridge with no freezer seeing as we have a chest freezer so we are eating up whats left in there, so its beef stew and dumplings tonight made with light suet, so I will have one but only one. Fruit and custard for the kids for afters and just fruit for me.
I feel lighter, I know thats ridiculous, but I am feeling really positive today, got so much done.
I stil have not bought my food processor but monday is the day, I will get it then. then a big batch of loads of stuff for the freezer. Its saving so much money being organised and making giant loads of stuff and freezing the leftovers.
I am starting to get tired, but all in all a good day. And look 2 posts in one week, straight after each other, things are looking up.

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