Thursday, 2 October 2008

starting real cooking next week.

There was not a lot of money this week, so we didn't really get a choice of what to eat as we just had to eat what we had.
But being the worst cook in the world I have decided to learn to cook properly, I am using for receipes. This is a healthy living/diet site and is completely free.

On Monday I am going to buy a food processor and some decent cooking utensils, we do hardly any cooking apart from opening the packet and bunging it in the oven, all thats going to change.

I am also going to buy some scales and just hope that I don't feel the need to get on them 20 times a day and get disheartened when they show an increase, of course its going to show an increase if I do it like that, you weigh more in the evening than the morning. I have no idea how much I weigh at the moment, I have done a lot more walking than normal so hopefully that will have an effect.

The other areas of my time to change are to do with money, I have successfully got back some of my bank charges after having a chat with a very nice young man from the co-op bank who thinks I am wonderful home educating, I have spoken to all the people I need to and everything is being sent to the Halifx, its a brand new account so a fresh start, I can keep a better eye on it by writing down all my incomings and outgoings and keeping an eye on direct debits now.

I am still waiting to hear from child benefit but I can do no more until then. So watch this space.

I really would like to have a bit more energy, I need to find out what vitamins I need to take and go and buy them and take them regularly.

I also need Steven to take a photo of me to put on this group, so far he has avoided it, hmm ORRRR is that me that has avoided it.

Will check in again on Monday.
Take care everyone and thanks for reading.


naomi said...

Good luck with real cooking. We too aren't endowed with the £200 weekly shopping budget people seem to have for food...more like 40. I find that if I'm very careful at planning wholesome meals with things that can last two days, its cheaper than buying ready made. But if I get distracted by attempting exotic looking recipes on the web for whole bean goulash with celeriac or something, the budget is blown...good old fashioned 1950's stodge for us! Yum!.. If only I could organise housework like that grr

Tracy said...

Thanks for the encouragement Naomi. It all helps. I have saved loads of money doing it this way, even though I have bought lots of cooking utentsils.

Tracy x